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Acoustic Amps

Acoustic Amps are specifically designed to amplify the sound of an acoustic guitar pickup. It can also be used in conjunction with a microphone to pick up the sound of the guitar. Acoustic guitar amps are also useful for any other acoustic instrument or even vocals. They do not emphasise certain frequencies like electric guitar amps but try and retain the acoustic properties of the guitar.

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  • Fender Acoustasonic 90

    Fender Acoustasonic 90 Acoustic Amp

    90 Watts, 2 Inputs, One 1/4 inch and One XLR / 1/4 inch Combination Jack, Lightweight, Modelling, Effects

    RRP: £382.80


  • Yamaha THR5A Acoustic Combo Amplifier

    Yamaha THR5A Acoustic Combo Amplifier

    The Yamaha THR5A is optimised for use with electric-acoustic and Silent Guitars. Utilising advanced modelling technologies...

    RRP: £187.00


  • Vox AGA70

    Vox AGA70

    The unmistakable sound of the acoustic guitar, the VOX AGA70 two-channel vacuum tube acoustic guitar amplifier

    RRP: £347.99


  • Vox AGA30 Acoustic Amplifier

    Vox AGA30 Acoustic Amplifier

    Announcing the new Vox AGA30. This mini acoustic combo amp joins the VOX AGA Series of acoustic instrument amplifiers. Enjoy...

    RRP: £238.79


    Out of stock

  • Vox AGA150

    Vox AGA150

    The new flagship of the VOX acoustic amp line - the AGA150 - delivers an impressive 150 watts of power and features an all new...

    RRP: £515.99


  • Tanglewood T6 Acoustic Amplifier

    Tanglewood T6 Acoustic Amplifier

    The Tanglewood T6 is a 60 watt acoustic amplifier with true digital reference effects and has inputs and outputs for every...

    RRP: £399.00


Products 1 to 12 of 13

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