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Blackstar LT BOOST Pedal LTBoost 845644002344 Blackstar Amplification

Blackstar LT BOOST Pedal

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Blackstar LT BOOST Pedal

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The Blackstar LT BOOST is perfect for using with a valve guitar amp. You can use it to drive it a little bit harder pushing it into a natural sounding overdrive. Or maybe as a lead booster?

Blackstar LT BOOST is versatile with compact dimensions

You can use the Blackstar LT BOOST in a number of different ways. If you are playing through a nice clean guitar amp and you need a volume boost stick one of these in front of it. It could also be used for equalisation. If you are are already pushing your amplifier into overdrive you could use it as a lead boost. The controls can be used to fine tune your sound.

Product Details

  • Product Code: LT Boost
  • Product Name: Blackstar LT Boost
  • Controls: Bass, Treble, Gain
  • Battery or mains powered:
  • Small Footprint: