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Blackstar LT DRIVE Overdrive Pedal LTDrive 845644002375 Blackstar Amplification

Blackstar LT DRIVE Overdrive Pedal

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Blackstar LT DRIVE Overdrive Pedal

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The Blackstar LT DRIVE Overdrive Pedal is a simple but versatile guitar effects. It can be used as a boost or a nice warm overdrive. Not only that but it takes up little space on a pedal board.

Have you got a great valve amp but it lacks in the overdrive department? Blackstar Amps may have just the thing for you. Instead of going out to purchase a secondary guitar amp for distortion sounds try using a Blackstar LT Drive pedal. This overdrive pedal has gain, tone and volume controls. Set the gain low and push the level up to get a nice fat boost. Great if you already have a bit of gain in your sound. Looking for a searing lead tone? Push the gain right up and get your levels balanced. Also great as a good warm overdrive pedal for riffing. The simple controls allow for easy dialling in on the pedals sounds.

Part of the reason the Blackstar LT DRIVE sounds so great is down to a newly designed clipping circuit. Developed especially for the Blackstar Amps LT Series. This tone circuit helps give this overdrive pedal warmth and compression. Much like a valve amp really.

Another great thing about this little effects pedal is its compact size. It is nice and small and perfect for modern compact pedal boards. Who wants to lug around a half tonne of guitar effects went you don't have to?! The casing is metal with non-slip rubber on the bottom. The Blackstar LT DRIVE will work of both batteries or a mains power supply. The 9 volt battery is included. The power supply is optional. As well as all these excellent features this effects pedal is great value for money too.

Product Details

  • Product Code: LT DRIVE
  • Power: 9V operation – flexible DC/battery power
  • Controls: Gain, Level, Tone
  • Connectivity: Input, Output
  • Clipping Circuit:
  • Small Footprint:
  • Rugged Construction: