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Got a Question? Call us on -

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Blackstar LT METAL Distortion Pedal LTMETALPEDAL 845644002436 Blackstar Amplification

Blackstar LT METAL Distortion Pedal

RRP: £93.00


Blackstar LT METAL Distortion Pedal

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The Blackstar LT Metal Distortion Pedal will hot round your guitar sound. This powerful but warm LT Series Pedal from Blackstar Amps packs a serious tonal punch. With buckets of gain but plenty of versatility thanks to the inclusion of the ISF.

The ISF, standing for Infinite Shape Feature, helps to mould your own guitar tones. It makes your guitar tones either more British or more American sounding. It emphasises either the upper mids or the lower mids. In the context of the Blackstar LT Metal it allows you to go from classic metal to modern high gain.

How do Blackstar make this pedal sound warm like a valve amp? They have designed a new clipping circuit that delivers stunning valve like tones and compression. It elevates the Blackstar LT Metal to new heights that are seldom seen at this price level. This distortion pedal will work best with a nice warm valve amp. It will however work any amp. It should effectively give you valve amp tones that have been seriously hot rodded!

Controls included on this distortion pedal are gain, level, tone and ISF. The tone control is highly effective when used in conjunction with the ISF. It lets you create your own unique guitar tones. The Blackstar LT METAL can be used more as a boost when you turn the gain right down.

With a solid metal chassis this pedal is built to last. It is also nice and compact. On the under side is some non slip rubber to hold it in place. The Blackstar LT METAL will run on either the included 9 volt battery or a power supply. The power supply is not included. Heavy Metal fans looking for a high gain pedal would do well to check out this excellent value distortion pedal.

Product Details

  • Product Code: LT METAL
  • Power: 9V operation – flexible DC/battery power
  • Controls: ISF, Gain, Level, Tone
  • Connectivity: Input, Output
  • Clipping Circuit:
  • Small Footprint:
  • Rugged Construction: