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Got a Question? Call us on -

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Diago Patchfactory Solderless Patch Cable System

Diago Patchfactory Solderless Patch Cable System

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Diago Patchfactory Solderless Patch Cable System

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The Diago Patch factory allows you to build custom length patch cables, without additional tools or specialist skills. Anybody can build a flawless cable. This kit provides everything you need to build 5 perfect patch cables, and is the best starting point if you want to move your rig over to the Diago Patchfactory patch cable system.

Design your perfect Pedalboard.

Custom-length patch cables allow you to lay out your pedalboard exactly how you want. No longer will you be constrained by the discrete lengths your local store stocks. If you need it just 1cm longer, consider it done.

Strong, reliable connections.

Other solderless cable designs suffer from poor reliability for two reasons:

1. Other screw-on caps use a coarse imperial thread. We calculated that by using fine metric thread instead, the same amount of force will tighten the cap more.

2. Finger-tightening, even with a knurled cap is simply not sufficient to make a reliable cable. We have machined a coin slot into each of our caps, allowing you to apply several times more force, resulting in a tighter fit. Using a coin means you can assemble a reliable cable without any additional tools wherever you are. Better still, the slot will fit almost all international coins. We don't recommend using plectrums - even the thickest ones just don't have the rigidity of a metal coin.

Simplicity in design.

Our design does not use loose parts or additional screws to make the all-important electrical connections - that's something else to go wrong. Instead, our positive signal/tip connection is made by a sharp pin at the centre of the plug, which makes contact with the central multi-strand wires of the cable. The ground/earth connection is made by a sharp edge on the inside of the cap, which cuts through the polyurethane sheath and makes contact with the cable's 96-strand shield.

Don't worry, it cannot cut too much or too little - this cable was designed in-house here at Diago, and so fits perfectly with our solderless plugs. As long as you follow our assembly instructions, a reliable connection will be made.

Easy Assembly

We have ensured that our solderless cable system is as easy as possible to assemble, whilst retaining maximum reliability. The Patchfactory Kit includes everything you need to put together 10 perfect cables (minus the coin to tighten it with). It even includes a small cable cutter.

Check out the Assembly Instructions and Demonstration Video in the next tab - you'll see just how easy it is.


The Diago Patchfactory system uses our own cable, designed in-house in the UK. It has a super-low capacitance of 30pF/ft (approx. 100pF/m) to prevent the treble roll-off caused by the high capacitance of poor quality cables.

"No gold-plated plugs?"
The only advantage gold-plated connectors could offer is prolonged resistance to tarnishing & corrosion, since gold is a fairly unreactive metal. However, a principal called Galvanic Corrosiontells us that when two metals that are not the same are in contact, the rate of corrosion actually increases. Since all 1/4" input/output jacks are nickel plated, using a gold connector may actually reduce the life of the jacks in your pedals. It's for this reason that we use nickel-plated plugs.

Low-profile. Low-fuss.

We designed our patch plug heads to be as discrete as possible so you can get your pedals close together and keep your board looking sleek, tidy and professional.

Better still, if you stagger your pedals, or if you're using pedals with different input/output locations, you can pack in your pedals even more tightly.

Smaller cable diameter, same beautiful sound quality.

Arrange your complex cable routing more precisely - round tighter corners and through smaller gaps - for the best pedalboard layout you've ever had.

Most instrument cables have a similar centre construction, just with thicker rubber. This does nothing but waste space, so we've reduced the amount of rubber wrapped around our cables, for a slimmer, more space-efficient product. 

Product Details

  • Product: Patchfactory Solderless Patch Cable Kit
  • Product Code: PF01
  • Description: This kit provides everything you need to build 5 perfect patch cables, and is the best starting point if you want to move your rig over to the Diago Patchfactory patch cable system.
  • What's in the box: 10 x Solderless 1/4" Angled Patch Plugs, 10ft (3.5m) Patch Cable, 1 x Diago Cable Cutter