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Dunlop MC404 CAE Wah Pedal JD-MC404 710137016637 Dunlop

Dunlop MC404 CAE Wah Pedal

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MXR Cae Dual Inductor Wah Front

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The MC404 CAE Wah from Dunlop has been designed from the ground up to provide a high level of versatility and component quality. Two Fasel inductors provide two voices, emphasising either the high frequency range, or low / mid. Further versatility is provided by internal pots for Q and gain adjustments, while true hardwire bypass limits interference in your signal chain when the wah isn’t in use.

Perfect for the professional guitarist, the Dunlop MC-404 CAE Wah Pedal is now available from Merchant City Music, online and in our Glasgow store. We are Glasgow’s longest-established guitar specialist, shipping fast to customers worldwide.

Dunlop MC404 Custom Audio Electronics Wah Pedal

The MC404 CAE Wah was developed by Bob Bradshaw of Custom Audio Electronics and the Cry Baby design team with the goal of creating a highly versatile wah-wah of top-grade components. It features dual Fasel inductors with two distinct voices (high-end emphasis or low to mid resonance), and a built-in MXR MC401 Boost/LineDriver adds even more flexibility. Choose between inductors and turn the boost on or off with the side-mounted kickswitches; bright LEDs on each side of the wah indicate operation status. The MC404 boasts true hardwire bypass, a long-life CTS potentiometer, and internal pots for Q and gain adjustments.

Product Details

  • BOOST VOLUME: knob controls amount of gain added by BOOST switch
  • UPPER TRIMPOT: controls Q of yellow inductor
  • LOWER TRIMPOT: controls Q of red inductor
  • INDUCTOR: switch toggles red/yellow inductors
  • BOOST: switch engages boost level set by BOOST VOLUME knob
  • Bypass: True Bypass
  • Power: 9-volt battery (accessed via bottom of pedal), or 9-volt AC Adapter