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Ebow Plus Guitar Electronic E-Bow 03EBOW 835783001001 Ebow

Ebow Plus Guitar Electronic E-Bow

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Ebow Plus Guitar Electronic E-Bow

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The Ebow Plus is an interesting device. To be used with electric guitar. The E-Bow is a hand held electronic device that simulates a violin bow. Available to buy on-line or in our Glasgow shop.

Ebow Plus for electric guitar

The E-Bow can be heard through numerous famous recordings. It is device that can totally change the sound of your electric guitar. Instead of using a regular guitar pick you can use the Ebow Plus. Using Direct String Synthesis it manipulates the string of the guitar. The result it endless sustain. Even though there are numerous computer effects an plug-ins this works directly on the instrument itself. This allows control unrivalled control over your instrument. The Ebow has two different settings. One setting gives you the standard electronic bow sound. You get the note you are playing sustaining infinitely. The second setting offers harmonic overtones above the fretted note. Both settings are great for adding layers and atmosphere to your music. Inside the box you get a carry pouch for the Ebow Plus. A tutorial CD and mini guide help you get going. It's fun and and unique to play. It is a guitar classic and there is nothing quite like it!

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  • Product Code: 03EBOW
  • Product Name: Ebow Plus
  • Two Settings: Normal and Harmonic
  • Carry Pouch:
  • Instruction CD:
  • Batteries NOT included:
  • Mini guide:
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