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Ernie Ball Pegwinder Plus P09604 749699106449 Ernie Ball

Ernie Ball Pegwinder Plus

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Ernie Ball Pegwinder Plus 1

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The Ernie Ball Pegwinder Plus is an ergonomic string winder with a built-in ball bearing for fast and smooth string changes. The built in bridge pin puller and universal peg head design make it suitable for acoustic, electric and bass guitars. The Ernie Ball Pegwinder Plus is now available from Merchant City Music, online and in our Glasgow store. We are Glasgow’s longest-established guitar specialist, shipping fast to our customers in the UK, Europe and Worldwide.

Ernie Ball Pegwinder Plus - Ergonomic String Winder with Built in Bridge Pin Puller and Ball Bearing Action

When it comes to live string changes, every second counts. Brightly coloured and ergonomic, the Ernie Ball Peg Winder Plus is easy to find on a dark stage, and comfortable to grip in the heat of the gig. With the ball-bearing design, every turn is smooth and fluid, letting you bring your new string safely up to pitch and start the next song.

When you have multiple guitars in your studio or live rig, the Ernie Ball Pegwinder Plus is a one-stop solution. Featuring a universal peghead that’s compatible with most all major electric, acoustic and bass models, this standalone tool takes care of string changes for the whole band. Plus, with the Pegwinder’s non-abrasive peghead, you’ll never worry about damaging your finish.

Working musicians know that stubborn acoustic bridge pins can be the hardest part of a string change, but the Ernie Ball Pegwinder Plus gives peace of mind during unplugged sets. Featuring an integrated acoustic bridge pin puller at the base of the handle, this compact standalone tool’s got you covered.

Product Details

  • Non-scratch universal head: works with acoustic, electric and bass guitars
  • Ultra-smooth action: ball bearing built-in for smooth tuning action
  • Ergonomic grip: string changes are no longer a chore
  • Integrated acoustic bridge pin puller: remove bridge pins with ease
  • Compact design: perfect for stashing in your gig bag with a spare set of strings