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Goldo LT1 Les Trem Tremolo Nickel TLT1N Goldo

Goldo LT1 Les Trem Tremolo Nickel

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Goldo Les Trem LT1 Tremolo Nickel

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The Göldo LT1 Tremolo in Nickel is the ideal solution for those who want to fit a tremolo to their stop tail-equipped guitar, but don’t want to modify the guitar itself. This is exactly the same system as the Duesenberg Les Trem II but without the stepped tremolo arm tip and clamp. This drop-in replacement is an engineering marvel, and will instantly allow you to perform those tremolo tricks you’ve been itching to try! All with the knowledge that you can return it to stock just as quickly should you ever want to sell your prized instrument. Now available from Merchant City Music, online and in our Glasgow store, we ship fast to the UK, Europe and Worldwide.

Göldo LT1 Les Trem Tremolo Nickel - Drop in Stop Tail Replacement

The Goldo TLT1N is mounted in place of a stop tailpiece. No drilling, no routing, simply screw into the two existing threaded bushings with the enclosed bolts. With round lever for ergonomic feel! Includes metric and US screws. Important: The distance between the tailpiece bolts must be exactly 81.5 mm (measured from centre to centre). Otherwise the Les Trem won't fit!

Product Details

  • Parts included: 1 Göldo LT1 incl. spring; 1 Tremolo arm; 2 Mounting bolts, M8 threads; 2 Mounting bolts, US threads; 4 Washers; 2 Hex keys (2.5 and 4 mm)
  • Important: The distance between the bolts is exactly 81.5mm (center to center). This is standard. The LT only fits guitars that have this measurement.