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Kontakt Super 10 Switch and Contact Cleaning Lubricant Y072 5412386869334 Servisol

Kontakt Super 10 Switch and Contact Cleaning Lubricant

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Kontakt Super 10 is widely used for cleaning pots, switches and contacts on guitars. If your guitar has a crackly pot or unreliable switch, spraying Servisol Super 10 on the affected area will often fix the problem, saving you expensive repair bills. Both cleaning and lightly lubricating moving electronic parts, Servisol Super 10 is also safe to use on most plastics and rubber. A must-have for every guitar service kit. Now available from Merchant City Music, online and in our Glasgow store, we ship fast to the UK and Europe.

Kontakt Super 10 - Switch cleaning lubricant

KONTAKT SUPER 10 (previously known as Servisol) is a highly efficient switch and contact cleaner. It offers a combination of high purity electrical cleaning and mechanical lubrications for contacts, switches and relays.


  • Removes grease, tarnish, oxidisation and other contamination from contact surfaces and leaves a protective conductive lubricating film.
  • Cuts voltage drop between contacts by increasing the surface area and reducing resistance.
  • The residual film resists drying and the attraction of dust.
  • Eliminates contact bounce and stops the damage which can be caused by arcing between contacts.
  • Improves the current flow and protects against friction.

Product Details

  • Cleans: Switch and contact cleaning lubricant that quickly removes tarnish and other deposits
  • Lubricates: Residual lubrication film protects contact surfaces and prevents arcing between dry contacts
  • Applications: Safe to use on plastics, rubber and other delicate materials
  • Includes: Supplied with straw applicator for awkward places
  • Canister size: 200ml (134g)