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MOOER Baby Tuner Pedal MT1 MT1 6943206790846 MOOER

MOOER Baby Tuner Pedal MT1

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MOOER Baby Tuner Pedal MT1

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The MOOER Baby Tuner Pedal is simple, looks great and works a treat. The MT1 guitar tuner is perfect for using up on a darkened stage.

MOOER Baby Tuner is seriously compact

Who says guitar pedals have to be big, chunky units? These Micro Series Pedals have been a bit of a sensation. The MOOER Baby Tuner is another brilliantly designed stompbox that will help get your guitar in tune, quickly, even on the darkest stage. You could fit a whole army of these compact pedals into the space of  four or five BOSS Pedals. There is one disadvantage is you can call it that. It will only work with a power supply. The MOOER Baby Tuner is just too small and compact to squeeze a battery into.

A Guitar Tuner with simple operation and a clear display

You won't have a problem seeing the MOOER Baby Tuner up on stage. It utilises one hundred and eight super bright LEDs. In fact, you won't have a problem reading the display in bright sunlight either. To operate the MT1 simply push the switch on the top. It mutes the sound of your guitar going to your amp. The guitar tuner then displays the note from the guitar. It also tells you if you are sharp or flat. Highly accurate readings are achieved. The MOOER Baby Tuner pedal is also true bypass. This means when you switch it off, it doesn't interfere with your pedal chain.

The MOOER Baby Tuner Pedal is a great, efficient bit of kit. With a super compact, no fuss design, it gets straight to the point. Just remember you will need to use it with a nine volt power supply, not included. Otherwise it won't work!

Product Details

  • Product Code: MT1
  • Product Name: MOOER Baby Tuner
  • True Bypass:
  • Chromatic:
  • Accurate to ±1 points:
  • Uses a 9 Volt Power Supply (Not Included):