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Got a Question? Call us on -

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MOOER Bass Sweeper Pedal MBEF1 MBEF1 6943206790457 MOOER

MOOER Bass Sweeper Pedal MBEF1

RRP: £59.99


MOOER Bass Sweeper Pedal MBEF1

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The MOOER Bass Sweeper Pedal MBEF1 is one of the most compact bass effects you can buy. This envelope filter pedal is perfect for adding some funk to your sound.

MOOER Bass Sweeper features both clean and fuzz sounds

There is no reason why bass players have to miss out on all the fun that guitarists have with effects pedals. The MOOER Bass Sweeper Pedal MBEF1 is designed specifically for bass guitar. With a great frequency range this little bass pedal has an excellent range of features. Especially when you factor in the compact dimensions and minuscule price. Funk up your bass lines with this wah style effect. Stomp on the main switch to turn it on. The main knob increases the MOOER Bass Sweeper Pedal's intensity. The range mini dial varies the frequency of the sound. A Reso control will alter the resonance. As if that wasn't enough, the MBEF1 can also be switched from clean to fuzz using  a micro switch.

MOOER Micro Series pedals are super compact

This is one tiny bass pedal. The MOOER Bass Sweeper is so small in fact that there is no room to stick a battery in it. You must use it with a nine volt power supply. A small sacrifice to be made for portability. It means you can easily cart it around in a gig bag and it won't weigh you down. It is string though. It comes with a sturdy metal casing.

Excellent value for money and very, very small. The MOOER Bass Sweeper Pedal is a great way to add some character to your bass sound.

Product Details

  • Product Code: MBEF1
  • Product Name: MOOER Bass Sweeper
  • Controls: Range, Range, Reso, Fuzz, Clean
  • Working Modes: 2 (Clean/Fuzz)
  • Input: 1/4 inch monaural jack (impedance 220k Ohms):
  • Output: 1/4 inch monaural jack (impedance 1.4k Ohms):
  • Full metal shell:
  • True Bypass:
  • Uses a 9 Volt Power Supply (Not Included):
  • Current Draw: 7 mA
  • Dimensions: 93.5mm (D) × 42mm (W) × 52mm (H)
  • Weight: 160g