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MOOER SkyVerb Reverb Pedal MRV2 MRV2 6943206791041 MOOER

MOOER SkyVerb Reverb Pedal MRV2

RRP: £74.99


MOOER SkyVerb Reverb Pedal MRV2

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The MOOER SkyVerb Reverb Pedal MRV2 is a super compact stompbox. The Micro Series take miniature guitar effects to a new level. The digital reverb pedal is great value and sounds fantastic.

MOOER SkyVerb with brilliant, lush reverb guitar effects

This reverb pedal has three different settings. The MOOER SkyVerb MRV2 can toggle between studio, church and spring settings. This is achieved with a built-in micro switch. It delivers reverb in the classic sense. These are all classic reverb sounds that have been expertly created digitally. Controls for the MOOER Sky Verb include Decay, Mix and tone. The Mix determines the amount of effect in your guitar signal. The Decay knob will alter the decay time of this reverb pedal. You can then adjust the tone to taste. The MOOER SkyVerb Reverb Pedal has three different settings. The Studio setting delivers is warm and natural

Reverb Pedal with seriously compact dimensions

If you like compact stompboxes, you'll love the MOOER SkyVerb. This little reverb pedal is small but tough. A full metal casing protects the inners when you stomp on it. The only down side of the Micro Series Pedals is that they are so small you can't even get a battery into it. They have be powered with a nine volt power supply. This is not included. It is also true bypass. This means that you switch it off it doesn't interfere with your guitar effects chain.

The MOOER SkyVerb offers a lot for the money. Especially when you concider the price of some of the high end reverb pedal it is based around. The MOOER has a few tricks of its own though. The seriously compact dimensions of it being one of them.

Product Details

  • Product Code: MRV2
  • Product Name: MOOER SkyVerb
  • Controls: Decay, Mix, Tone, Studio, Church, Plate
  • Full metal shell:
  • True Bypass:
  • Uses a 9 Volt Power Supply (Not Included):