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Got a Question? Call us on -

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MOOER Triangle Buff Fuzz Pedal MFZ2 MFZ2 6943206790228 MOOER

MOOER Triangle Buff Fuzz Pedal MFZ2

RRP: £69.99


MOOER Triangle Buff Fuzz Pedal MFZ2 Top Controls

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The MOOER Triangle Buff MFZ2 is a fuzz pedal for electric guitar. This super compact effects pedal is a must for all fuzz fans.

The MOOER Triangle Buff  is an extremely compact Big Muff Clone

MOOER Pedals are extremely compact. So small in fact that a battery won't fit in it. You have to run it on using a power supply. The MOOER Triangle Buff is perfect if you want to have a pedal board but don't want to drag around something big and bulky. The original Electro Harmonix USA Big Muff Pi is massive. This MOOER clone of it is a fraction of the size. That's not all though. It also happens to be a brilliant fuzz pedal as well. Plug your guitar through this and you might get a shock at just how good it sounds. Plenty of rich sustain. Loads of harmonics. It is also True Bypass.

Product Details

  • Product Code: MFZ2
  • Product Name: MOOER Triangle Buff Fuzz MFZ2
  • Input: 1/4” monaural jack (impedance 470k Ohms):
  • Output: 1/4” monaural jack (impedance 1k Ohms):
  • Power Requirements: AC adapter 9V DC (center minus plug)
  • Current Draw: 3 mA
  • Dimensions: 93.5mm (D) × 42mm (W) × 52mm (H)
  • Weight: 160g