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Got a Question? Call us on -

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Orange Crush Bass 25 Amp Combo OS-CRUSH-BASS-25 5060299175938 Orange Amps

Orange Crush Bass 25 Amp Combo

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Orange Crush Bass 25 Amp Combo

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The Orange Crush Bass 25 is new for 2016. This twenty five watt bass amp combo replaces the Crush PiX 25. Designed as a practice amplifier without sacrificing tone quality. It will also be great for home recording. Buy online today from or visit our Glasgow shop. We offer a fast and efficient UK delivery.

The Orange Crush 25 features an active parametric EQ.

An EQ circuit on the Orange Crush 25 Bass has taken inspiration from their prestigious 4 Stroke amplifiers. It works around a parametric EQ. This delivers the bassist with greater versatility. The mid band range is wide, sweeping from 300Hz to 2.7kHz. The active circuitry on the Crush 25 Bass gives you up to 15dB of boost or cut in the mid and bass range. 20dB on the treble side.

Analogue design with a ported cab. Cabsim Headphone output. Built in tuner.

Th Orange Crush Bass 25 features an analogue signal path. A reflex port delivers greater low end performance. The enclosure houses an 8 inch speaker. A neat recording feature of the Crush is the Cabsim Headphone output. Taking a direct out of this sounds ace. The built in tuner is always a handy inclusion.]

Product Details

  • Product Code: OS-CRUSH-BASS-25
  • Features: Active 3 Band EQ, Parametric Mid Control, Chromatic Tuner, Cabsim Loaded Headphone Output, AUX In
  • Controls (Right to Left): -6dB Pad Switch, Bass, Frequency, Middle, Treble, Volume, Integrated Chromatic Tuner
  • Finish: Orange
  • Output Power: 25 Watts
  • Speaker: 8 Inches
  • Unboxed Dimensions (W x H x D): 32.5 × 36.5 × 23.5CM (12.8 × 14.37 × 9.25″)
  • Unboxed Weight: 8.3KG (18.26LB)