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Got a Question? Call us on -

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Reverend Charger HC Translucent White, Dark Roasted Maple

Reverend Charger HC Translucent White, Dark Roasted Maple


Reverend Charger HC Translucent White, Dark Roasted Maple

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Welcome to the first totally exclusive Reverend guitar for Merchant City Music - the Reverend Charger HC in Translucent White. We dreamed up a spec that Reverend have never made before; a Railhammer Humcutter loaded Charger in a translucent white finish. Reverend liked the colour so much they've added it to a few other models in the range. We couldn't decide on which neck option to go with so we went with 6 of each! This is the Reverend Charger HC Translucent White with a Dark Roasted Maple neck and Pau Ferro fingerboard. The rich dark roasted neck really pops against the milky white body finish. The grain of the solid Korina wood body is just visible through the finish and looks very classy with the black pickguard and chrome covered Humcutters. We have already presold a few of these limited edition beauties so snap one up while you can.

If you opt to buy from us online we'll make sure you get a perfectly setup example shipped quickly and securely to your door, no matter where in the world that may be. We pride ourselves on our pre-sales check and setup that ever guitar receives before dispatch. Or pop in to our Glasgow store and see what is probably the largest selection of Reverend guitars anywhere on the planet! We just can't get enough of them and this Merchant City Exclusive model is testament to that. Ken Haas, the owner of Reverend, says this guitar is "bad to the bone", so it certainly meets with his approval!

Reverend Charger HC Translucent White, Dark Roasted Maple neck

We became a Reverend dealer in 2014 and since then Reverend has gone on to become our biggest guitar line, outselling all of the big name brands we stock. There's a very simple reason for this. You put a Reverend guitar or bass in to someone's hands and 9 times out of 10 they're instantly sold! You simply 'get more guitar for your money' with Reverend and since all of the upgrades they made in 2017 that statement has never been truer. The Roasted Maple Reverend use for the necks on their bolt-on instruments feels like it came straight from a high end boutique custom shop guitar. Silky smooth to the touch and ultra stable. This dark roasted variant has been 'cooked' for longer giving the wood a rich dark brown colour. Combine that with a Pau Ferro fingerboard and it's a match made in heaven. The dark neck contrasting beautifully against the trans white body finish. Reverend use a 12" radius for the fret board which is a little flatter than most. A smaller radius can cause notes to choke out when bending the strings. Reverend's 12" radius lets us get the action nice and low while allowing you to bend strings all the way up the neck without choking. This is also thanks to the stellar fretwork Reverend perform on every single guitar that goes through their workshop. On the back of the headstock on this Charger HC you'll see the initials of Zach Green, Reverend's chief guitar tech and setup wizard. Zach hand signs and serial numbers every guitar so that you know it's had the Reverend treatment in their USA workshop.

Reverend Charger HC loaded with Railhammer Humcutter pickups

We've always been huge fans of Railhammer's Humcutter pickups. These pickups capture all of the best traits of a P90 without the noise. The Humcutter is effectively a completely silent P90 and the clarity is insane! We chose a Huevos 90 for the bridge position which is the highest output Humcutter that Railhammer make, it's actually a lot hotter than many of their bridge humbuckers! But you get a bell like clarity that defines every note even if playing with high gain. To match this we have a Nuevo 90 in the neck position with all the fat lower mids, raw attack, and greasy tone you'd expect, with the tonal balance and enhanced response of the Railhammer design. The result is a guitar capable of monster rock tones as well as funky pop. The bass contour control on the Charger HC90 rolls off some bass frequencies and completely revoices the pickups. You can get Tele twang from this guitar and creamy jazz tones too.

The Reverend Charger HC has top quality components inside and out
Our Reverend Charger HC comes stage ready right out the box. Reverend have thought about every component of their guitars to give you a pro quality instrument at an amazing price. From the string tree to the bridge it's all great stuff. A set of locking tuners and slippery Boneite nut mean that tuning stability on the Charger HC is rock solid. The new Triple-Tree string tree has an extended bar to hold down three strings at a time with just one tree, eliminating G string buzz in the nut slot. There's also great stuff going on under the bonnet/hood. Reverend use Alpha control pots with a +-10% rating making them more consistent and the type of thing normally reserved for expensive boutique guitars. The volume pot features a treble bleed circuit. This is a popular aftermarket modification which preserves the treble when you roll back the volume control. Without this a guitar starts to sound dull and lifeless as you roll off the volume. Reverend use better quality capacitors for their tone controls and an amazing new upgraded jack by Pure Tone Technologies. The Pure Tone jack has dual contacts for improved grip, audio signal and reliability. The most dependable guitar jack available.

We are delighted at how the Reverend Charger HC Translucent White Dark Roasted Maple neck has turned out. This is one seriously cool guitar that would be an asset to any guitar players collection.

Product Details

  • body: Korina Solidbody
  • pickups: Railhammer Huevos 90 Bridge, Nuevo 90 Neck
  • bridge: Tune-O-Matic with Stop Tail
  • neck: Dark Roasted Maple
  • scale: 25 1/2"
  • neck profile: Medium Oval
  • fingerboard: Pau Ferro 12" Radius
  • frets: 22 Medium Jumbo
  • truss rod: Dual Action - Headstock Access
  • tuners: Reverend Pin-Lock
  • nut: 43mm Width - Boneite
  • controls: Volume, Tone, Bass Contour, 3-Way
  • strings: 10-46