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Reverend Jetstream 390 LE Foam Shrimp Pink

Reverend Jetstream 390 LE Foam Shrimp Pink



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We are incredibly proud to see the fruition of our next exclusive Reverend guitar; we present to you the Reverend Jetstream 390 in Foam Shrimp Pink. This is something we've been dreaming up for over a year now and the result is spectacular. The Jetstream 390 has been one of our best selling Reverend models since we starting stocking the brand 4 years ago. What better way to celebrate than to come up with a colour Reverend have never offered before on a special run of these outstanding guitars. Initial reaction to this limited edition guitar has been overwhelmingly positive with several pre-orders already taken and two of our staff members putting their money where their mouth is to buy their very own!

If you opt to buy from us online we'll make sure you get a perfectly setup example shipped quickly and securely to your door, no matter where in the world that may be. We pride ourselves on our pre-sales check and setup that every guitar receives before dispatch. Or pop in to our Glasgow store and see what is probably the largest selection of Reverend guitars anywhere on the planet! We just can't get enough of them and this Merchant City Exclusive model is testament to that.

Reverend Jetstream 390 LE Foam Shrimp Pink

We became a Reverend dealer in 2014 and since then Reverend has gone on to become our biggest guitar line, outselling all of the big name brands we stock. There's a very simple reason for this. You put a Reverend guitar or bass in to someone's hands and 9 times out of 10 they're instantly sold! You simply 'get more guitar for your money' with Reverend and since all of the upgrades they made in 2017 that statement has never been truer. The Roasted Maple Reverend use for the necks on their bolt-on instruments feels like it came straight from a high end boutique custom shop guitar. Silky smooth to the touch and ultra stable. Reverend use a 12" radius for the fret board which is a little flatter than most. A smaller radius can cause notes to choke out when bending the strings. Reverend's 12" radius lets us get the action nice and low while allowing you to bend strings all the way up the neck without choking. This is also thanks to the stellar fretwork Reverend perform on every single guitar that goes through their workshop. On the back of the headstock on this limited edition Jetstream 390 you'll see the initials of Zach Green, Reverend's chief guitar tech and setup wizard. Zach hand signs and serial numbers every guitar so that you know it's had the Reverend treatment in their USA workshop.

Foam Shrimp Pink finish, Mint pickguard and Cream pickup covers

There's something timeless about a pale pink electric guitar. We thought a Jetstream 390 in a pale Shell Pink type finish would look incredible and it has turned out that way. Reverend will be callng this finish "Orchid Pink" on any future models they make with it but we have dubbed it "Foam Shrimp Pink"! We will be sure to include a packet of tasty foam shrimp sweets with every guitar ordered ;) We chose a mint pickguard for this guitar which, alongside the cream pickup covers, gives it a really classic look.

Korina body with roasted Maple neck

The super cool contoured offset body of the Reverend Jetstream 390 Foam Shrimp Pink is made from solid Korina. This wood offers many of the same properties as Mahogany but with more consistency and lighter weight. Solid Korina resonates well and makes for a real lively and responsive instrument. The Reverend Jetstream 390 now features a Roasted Maple neck and fretboard. The medium oval profile is very comfortable. It features a twelve inch radius and medium jumbo frets. Roasted Maple is normally used on custom shop and high-end boutique built guitars. Reverend have brought this material to a price bracket never seen before. This is the smoothest, silkiest neck you will ever feel. Trust us! The Roasted Maple that Reverend have used has been kiln dried to remove most of the moisture. This results in a neck resistant to temperature and humidity. The advantages also include stability and increased resonance. The bridge on the Reverend Jetstream 390 is a Wilkinson WVS50 IIK tremolo. This trem offers superb tuning stability especially when combined with the Reverend locking tuners and Boneite nut. You can really go for it with the trem and know that your next chord will still be in tune! The excellent Wilkinson trem features another new Joe Naylor invention, the Vari-Claw. The Vari-Claw allows you to easily switch between 3 springs in the middle hooks of the claw for a firm feel, or 2 springs on the outside recessed hooks of the claw for a soft feel, with little or no adjustment to the claw itself.

The Reverend Jetstream 390 has top quality components inside and out
Our pink Jetstream 390 comes stage ready right out the box. Reverend have thought about every component of their guitars to give you a pro quality instrument at an amazing price. From the string tree to the tremolo it's all great stuff. A set of locking tuners and slippery Boneite nut mean that tuning stability on the Jetstream is rock solid. The new Triple-Tree string tree has an extended bar to hold down three strings at a time with just one tree, eliminating G string buzz in the nut slot. There's also great stuff going on under the bonnet/hood. Reverend use Alpha control pots with a +-10% rating making them more consistent and the type of thing normally reserved for expensive boutique guitars. The volume pot features a treble bleed circuit. This is a popular after market modification which preserves the treble when you roll back the volume control. Without this a guitar starts to sound dull and lifeless as you roll off the volume. Reverend use better quality capacitors for their tone controls and an amazing new upgraded jack by Pure Tone Technologies. The Pure Tone jack has dual contacts for improved grip, audio signal and reliability. The most dependable guitar jack available.

We are delighted at how our Reverend Jetstream 390 Foam Shrimp Pink neck has turned out. This is one seriously cool guitar that has become an instant favourite.

Product Details

  • body: Korina Solidbody
  • pickups: 9A5 Bridge, 9A5 Middle/Neck
  • bridge: Wilkinson WVS50 IIK Tremolo
  • neck: Roasted Maple
  • neck profile: Medium Oval
  • fingerboard: Roasted Maple 12" Radius
  • frets: 22 Medium Jumbo
  • truss rod: Dual Action - Headstock Access
  • tuners: Reverend Pin-Lock
  • nut: 43mm Width - Boneite
  • controls: Volume, Tone, Bass Contour, 5-Way
  • strings: 10-46
  • scale: 25 1/2"