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Reverend Reeves Gabrels Signature Metallic Red with Roasted Maple Neck RGIImr 810183030936 Reverend

Reverend Reeves Gabrels Signature Metallic Red with Roasted Maple Neck


Reverend Reeves Gabrels Signature Metallic Red with Roasted Maple Neck

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This is the latest version of the Reverend Reeves Gabrels Signature guitar in a new Metallic Red finish with roasted Maple neck. The Reverend Reeves Gabrels RG1 has evolved over the years along with most of the Reverend line-up, especially the bolt-on models. The current RG has a bound roasted Maple neck with bound tilt back headstock. The guitar is now loaded with RG signature Railhammers instead of the previous Chisel set. Needles to say it sounds incredible and plays beautifully! Merchant City Music are one of the largest Reverend dealers in the world and we have an enormous range of Reverend guitars in stock, on display and ready to play. If buying online you can be rest assured that you will receive a perfectly setup example shipped fast straight to your door via safe secure courier.

Reverend Reeves Gabrels Signature Metallic Red with Roasted Maple Neck

The build quality of this guitar is pretty spectacular. For this price it is outstanding! The 2018 Reverend Reeves Gabrels in Metallic Red is one the Cure guitarists signature models. He is also famed for working with David Bowie and more. Utilising Korina for the body this is a little unusual. It would be more common to find this wood being used on a boutique instrument. It has a nice weight and plenty of resonance. Bolted onto this is an ultra playable Roasted Maple neck which is new for 2017/18. This is a real stand out feature. Roasted Maple is normally found on custom shop and high-end boutique guitars. Reverend have brought this material to a price bracket never seen before. This is the smoothest, silkiest neck you will ever feel. Trust us, these are the best necks this side of £3000! The Roasted Maple that Reverend have used has been kiln dried to remove most of the moisture. This results in a neck that is resistant to temperature and humidity. The advantages also include stability, increased resonance and lighter weight. The process also gives the Maple a beautiful caramel colour and makes the grain of the wood really pop. The Reeves Gabrels Signature has a new Blackwood Tek fingerboard which is Reverend's replacement for Rosewood. This upgraded fingerboard material is made from a 100% sustainable softwood that is impregnated with an organic resin, then subjected to extreme heat and pressure. The result is a 100% natural wood product that exhibits the feel, look and sound of Rosewood, but is more stable thanks to a low moisture content and better for the environment! It's very smooth which feels great to play on. It comes with a twelve inch radius. The headstock is painted gloss black on the front and is now bound and pitched back to negate the need for a string tree. Reverend have created a very comfortable body and neck with the Reeves Gabrels guitar.

Railhammer RG Signature Pickups and a Push/Pull phase switch.

This guitar comes with some pretty amazing hardware. The most standout of which are the Railhammer pickups. New signature RG Neck and Bridge. They offer a tight bottom end and a fat high end which drives hard and cuts through the mix like a knife, even with heavy overdrive. The Reeves Reeves Gabrels Metallic Red also comes with a push/pull phase switch. This greatly boosts the versatility of this instrument. A WVS50 II Wilkinson Trem is solid and stable. One of the best non locking tremolo bridges we have every come across at Merchant City Music. The trem now features another new Joe Naylor invention, the Vari-Claw. The Vari-Claw allows you to easily switch between 3 springs in the middle hooks of the claw for a firm feel, or 2 springs on the outside recessed hooks of the claw for a soft feel, with little or no adjustment to the claw itself. The Pinlock tuners help to keep it stable. There is also a cavity behind the trem to allow backward motion too.

Product Details

  • body: Korina Solidbody
  • pickups: Railhammer Reeves Gabrels Signature Neck & Bridge
  • bridge: Wilkinson WVS50 IIK Tremolo
  • neck: Roasted Maple
  • scale: 25 1/2"
  • neck profile: Medium Oval
  • fingerboard: Blackwood Tek - 12" Radius
  • frets: 22 Jumbo
  • truss rod: Dual Action - Headstock Access
  • tuners: Reverend Pin-Lock
  • nut: 43mm Width - Boneite
  • controls: volume, tone, bass contour, 3-way
  • strings: 10-46