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TRIC Deluxe Dreadnought Multifit Black Guitar Case 38664 623501024513 TRIC

TRIC Deluxe Dreadnought Multifit Black Guitar Case


TRIC Deluxe Dreadnought Multifit Black Guitar Case

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The TRIC Deluxe Dreadnought Multifit guitar case is designed to fit dreadnought, arch top and mini jumbo shapes. Godin TRIC cases are about as high-tech as guitar cases can get. TRIC stands for Thermally Regulated Instrument Case. Not only does the TRIC case offer the usual protection from bangs and bumps but the thermal regulation properties mean your instrument is safe in all climates too.

TRIC Deluxe Dreadnought Mutifit Guitar Case, high-tech impact resistance

The main bulk of the TRIC guitar case is made from Expanded Polypropylene. This is the same material used by the automotive industry for use in the core of car bumpers. It is also used in cycle helmets. Think of it as a fancy, durable polystyrene! It offers supreme protection from impacts. Any bump is easily absorbed by the material rather than sending a shock through the instrument.

TRIC Guitar Case, heat, cold and moisture beware!

The TRIC Thermally Regulated Instrument Case protects your instrument from drastic changes in climate and temperature. It is temperature tested down to minus 35 degrees Celsius and up to 65 degrees Celsius which is 150 in Fahrenheit! The case closes over on a tongue and grooved fitting which leaves it hermetically sealed all the way round. Your guitar is left in a sheltered and stable atmosphere safe from the elements.

TRIC Case as light as a gig bag

TRIC guitar cases are ultra light weight. They are made even easier to carry thanks to the comfortable and durable easy grip handle and shoulder straps. It offers all the protection of a flight case at a fraction of the weight. As light as a decent gig bag, the Seagull TRIC guitar case weighs in at just under 3.65 pounds. It also features a large front zipped pocket and interior storage compartment. The form fitting plush interior shell helps suspend and securely hold your guitar in place.

This TRIC Deluxe Dreadnought Multi-fit guitar case fits 6 and 12 string Seagull dreadnoughts, Archtops such as the Godin 5th Avenue models and Seagull Mini Jumbo Sizes. Contact us if you are unsure if your guitar will fit and we will investigate for you.

Product Details

  • 38664 TRIC Deluxe Dreadnought Multi-fit:
  • Hermetically sealed tongue and groove fitting, all the way around the case.:
  • Durable and rugged nylon outer shell with easy-grip handle and shoulder straps, making "over the shoulder" transport a simple and lightweight reality!:
  • Convenient interior storage compartment with durable flap and exterior storage pocket.:
  • Arched deflector shield reinforces the top while leaving breathing room for the bridge.:
  • Plush interior with moulded interior shell helps suspend and securly hold guitar in place.: