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Zoom R16 Recorder Interface Controller ZRCR16 884354008192 Zoom

Zoom R16 Recorder Interface Controller

RRP: £354.00


Zoom R16 Recorder Interface Controller

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The Zoom R16 is a portable digital multi track recorder, interface and controller. It is exceptional value for money and features a lightweight, compact design.

Zoom R16 for all your sound recording needs

What you get for your money with this little recorder is exceptional. It can be used in three different ways. The Zoom R16 is firstly a stand alone digital recorder. Perfect for getting your song ides down. As it has eight separate inputs you could record a large number instruments at once. This could be used to record a full drum kit for example. It records to an SD or SDHC card. You can also use the Zoom R16 as an interface to you r computer. Plug into your computer via USB. It has an eight input, two output capacity. This way you can record directly into your favourite recording software. You can also use the the Zoom R 16 as a controller for your software. It will deliver a much more hands on feel to mixing your music.

Product Details

  • Model Name: Zoom R16


  • Physical Tracks 16 ●Simultaneous Recording Tracks 8 ●Simultaneous Playback Tracks : 16 ●Recording Data Format 44.1kHz, 16/24bit WAV ●Maximum Recordable Time : 200 minutes / GB (referred to mono tracks) ●Projects 1,000 ●Markers : 100 / Project ●Locator Min. / Sec. / msec or Meas. / Beat / Tick ●File Editing : Divide ●Other Functions Punch-In / Out (Manual, Automatic), Bounce, A-B Repeat, UNDO / REDO:

Audio Interface

  • Input Channels 8 ●Output Channels 2 ●Quantization : 24bit ●Sampling Frequency 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96kHz:


  • Faders 9 ●Level Meters 4-Segment LED ●Track Parameters : 3-Band Equalizer, Pan (Balance), Effect Send x 2, Invert ●Stereo Links Track pairs 1/2 to 15/16 selectable:


  • Algorithms 9 (CLEAN, DISTORTION, ACO / BASS SIM, BASS, MIC, DUAL MIC, STEREO, 8 x COMP EQ, MASTERING) ●Types 135 ●Modules : 7 for Insert, 2 for Send / Return ●Patches 330 for Insert, 60 for Send / Return ●Tuner : Chromatic, Guitar, Bass, Open A/D/E/G, D modal


  • Sounds 5 ●Beat 1/4 - 8/4, 6/8, Unaccented ●Tempo : 40.0 - 250.0 BPM


  • Recording Media SD Card (16MB-2GB), SDHC Card (4-32GB) ●A/D Conversion 96kHz 24bit delta-sigma ADC ●D/A Conversion : 96kHz 24bit delta-sigma DAC ●Display 20-digit 2-line custom LCD (with backlight) ●Inputs : 8 x XLR-1/4''Phone Combo Jack / Input Impedance (Balanced input) 1kΩ balanced, 2nd hot, (Unbalanced input) 50kΩ unbalanced, (Hi-Z Input) 470kΩ / Input Level: -50dBm to +4dBm continuously variable ●Built-in microphones Omnidirectional condenser microphones Gain: -50dBm to +4dBm continuously variable ●Phantom Power Supply 48V (with On/Off switch) ●Master Output : 1/4"TRS Phone (balanced) / Output Impedance 1kΩ / Rated Output Level: +4dBm ●Headphones Output 1/4''Stereo Phone Jack, 20mW x 2 (at 32Ω load) ●USB : [B type (USB2.0 High-Speed compatible)] Audio Interface / Control Surface or Mass Storage Class operation [A type (USB2.0 High-Speed compatible)] USB Host capability ●Power Requirements AC adaptor (DC5V/1A/center positive) or AA size (LR6) battery x6 ●Battery Life : 4.5 hours (with backlight on and phantom power off) ●Dimensions 376(W) x 237.1(D) x 52.2(H) mm ●Weight : 1.3kg (without batteries)