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Blackstar LT DIST Distortion Pedal LTDISTPEDAL 00845644002405 Blackstar Amplification

Blackstar LT DIST Distortion Pedal

RRP: £78.00


Blackstar LT DIST Distortion Pedal

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The Blackstar LT DIST is a compact distortion pedal for electric guitar. Quite simply, it rocks! Beef up your guitar tones with this excellent little stomp box. What makes this distortion pedal so good? It is incredibly versatile thanks to the inclusion of the Blackstar Amps ISF.

You may ask, what it the ISF? It stands for Infinite Shape Feature. What this does is it allows you to change the overall tone of the Blackstar LT DIST from a more British sound to a more American one. In a nut shell if goes from pronouncing the upper mids of the tone to the lower mids. When used in conjunction with this distortion pedal's tone control, a wealth of great sounds are available. Gain wise it ranges from light to heavy distortion. It doesn't quite stray into modern metal territory. You would be better looking at the Blackstar LT METAL for that. This pedal will deliver great overdrive and distortion tones on any guitar amp. It really comes to life in a good quality valve amp. Perhaps something like a Fender valve combo amp?

Another interesting this about the Blackstar LT DIST is the inclusion of the Blackstar Amps Clipping Circuit. This is designed to emulate the valve response of their HT Pedals. Effectively giving it valve like response and compression.

Another great thing about this distortion pedal? It is nice and compact. The Blackstar LT DIST is built like a tank too. A mini one at that! There has been a fashion recently for shrinking effects pedals and a smaller pedal board. This makes great sense as wants to lug around a giant pedal case? It can still be powered using a 9 volt battery though. It will also plug into the mains with a power supply. Great value and great tones to be had in any rig!

Product Details

  • Product Code: LT DIST
  • Power: 9V operation – flexible DC/battery power
  • Controls: ISF, Gain, Level, Tone
  • Connectivity: Input, Output
  • Clipping Circuit:
  • Small Footprint:
  • Rugged Construction: