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Electro Harmonix OD Glove Overdrive Pedal OD GLOVE 683274011455 Electro-Harmonix

Electro Harmonix OD Glove Overdrive Pedal

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Electro Harmonix OD Glove Overdrive Pedal

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The Electro Harmonix OD Glove is a harmonically rich distortion and overdrive pedal. It is housed in a Nano enclosure that is compact and durable. The EHX OD Glove is excellent value for money too.

Electro Harmonix OD Glove has versatile tones

If you are looking for a versatile distortion and overdrive pedal then this should be on your radar. Depending on how you set the Electro Harmonix OD Glove it has a huge range of tones. Use as a booster or for crunch. If you need high gain it will do that too. It also has a few extra tricks up its sleeve. A Tone Shift function and the ability to switch the voltage make this overdrive pedal stand out from an already very crowded market. EHX are know for their innovative and quirky guitar effects. The Electro Harmonix OD Glove continues to plough a furrow. There is stiff competition from the likes of MOOER Pedals and others these days. This great sounding little stompbox holds its own though.

Boost, Distortion and Overdrive Pedal

You need to boost your clean valve amp? Just back off the gain and turn up the volume. Adjust the tone control to taste. The extra Tone Shape switch can act as a mid boost. So, if you need a little extra cut, use this. Want some lovely British style crunch? Simply add a little more gain into the equation. Looking for a super saturated distortion? The Electro Harmonix OD Glove can do that as well. Whack the gain right up. If you are using this overdrive pedal for a lead sound you might want to experiment with the Tone Shift switch as well. So, want to know what else this compact Nano pedal can do? You can switch the internal voltage form 9-18 volts. Why would you want to do this? It basically re-configures the pedal to give you a different sound. In the 9 volt setting it delivers a slightly compressed valve power guitar amp tone. When it is switched over to eighteen volts it tightens up the sound giving it more focus.

The Electro Harmonix OD Glove is one of the most versatile stompboxes you can buy. This EHX boost, distortion and overdrive pedal packs a punch and is exceptionally good value too.

Product Details

  • Product Code: OD Glove
  • Product Name: Electro Harmonix OD Glove
  • Versatile MOSFET overdrive/distortion:
  • Tone Shift switch:
  • Selectable 9V or 18V internal voltage:
  • True bypass:
  • Tough, compact die-cast chassis:
  • 9 Volt battery included:
  • Optional 9.6DC-200 power supply available: